Who Needs Manned Security


In most cases, security features are fairly simple. There are security measures meant to stop opportunistic criminals who break into places that look easy and/or interesting to break into. There are measures to stop hobbyists who have skills but don’t have the wide-ranging teams of criminals to back them up. Finally, there are professional criminals who have teams of criminals around them. Professionals will case a potential crime spot and analyse the different ways to get in and out. They’ll also have an idea of what they want to steal and to whom they will sell it. These are the most difficult to stop; however, the choice of manned security is more about your business than about the types of criminals that you want to stop.

Hard-to-Secure Areas

Some areas are harder than others to secure; they can be difficult to secure because they are vast, because some kind of physical barrier is difficult to implement, or for many other reasons. For example, an outdoor park is very difficult to secure. A wilderness park is typically made up of hundreds of hectares of land that needs to be secured. If you try to put a fence around it, it will probably cost you thousands of pounds; also, that would still leave you vulnerable to criminals because there are so many hidden places where a person could cut through the fence or climb over it. Furthermore, there are going to be physical impediments to installing a fence, even if it was a meaningful deterrent.

So, for a large area that is difficult to secure, you need a manned security service in Leeds. Manned security will be able to patrol the large area and make sure that nothing untoward is happening. You also might need manned security if there is restricted access to an area.

Restricted Access

Restricted access to a certain area can be put into place for several different reasons. For example, if you are putting on a corporate event and need to determine who is supposed to be in which areas, you can attempt to regulate access using automated RFID chips or bracelets. It will be easier and much more effective to have a human being who knows the criteria. A human security person will be able to use his or her better judgment to determine who fits the proper criteria for being in different areas.

Manned security is also one of the least obtrusive kinds of security. While the security guards will likely be obvious because of their uniforms and/or their gear, they are not obtrusive because they can move around and interact with different people. They will not be unfeeling and clinical as metal detectors, security cameras, or other types of automated systems. Research has shown that customers and clients don’t like interacting with automated systems in just about any scenario.

Since people don’t like interacting with automated systems, they are much more forthcoming and honest with security personnel. They are also much more at ease with humans.

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